Why Ikea Kitchens Can Work For You

Many people have the idea that IKEA products, while affordable, are not high quality. This may be true for some IKEA products however, over the past 20 years I have installed many types of cabinets, counters and vanities into my own homes and homes for clients, relatives and neighbors. What I’ve found may surprise you.

IKEA’S Reputation With Residential Architects

I have personally installed five IKEA kitchens. I’ve specified many more. I’ve also used custom cabinets,  for example Merrillat and other high end designers.  While IKEA kitchen cabinets are not custom, they can easily be custom
ized for your space. This saves thousands of dollars. It is not a task to take lightly, however, it must be thoroughly thought out.

IKEA cabinets are very well designed and look good. The are durable. In addition they offer:

  • The highest quality hinges
  • Top of the line doorstops
  • Nicely designed door pulls
  • Heavy duty finishes
  • Fully adjustable with a variety of sizes

IKEA Kitchens Translate

While many IKEA cabinets have a contemporary look and feel they can work work well in almost any style home, be it remodeling project  or new construction. For example, I installed an IKEA kitchen in my 1916 Saint Paul bungalow. The flow from the craftsman fireplace room to the heavy, built-in wood dining room to the IKEA kitchen to the concrete floor mudroom was seamless. I also installed an IKEA kitchen in my 2014 contemporary home. Again, the kitchen looks and feels like a much more expensive product. I recommend  working with an architect experienced with IKEA products to plan your IKEA kitchen. You will save time and money and, unlike custom products or high-end cabinetry, IKEA kitchens can often be picked up the same day you order them.

Not Sure If An IKEA Kitchen Is Right For You?

Wondering if an IKEA kitchen will work for your existing home, condo, new home or cabin? Call Guy Williams Architecture for a free one-hour consultation. Bring photos of your space and we can discuss your design goals. I can give you an idea of timeline, cost and possibilities. Call 651-210-7042. Or email me an I will be in touch with you promptly.

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