Call me Commissioner Williams

On January 24, 2022 I was officially sworn in to the Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC). I am honored to be a part of a group that seeks to maintain the architectural integrity and structural history of our city.

As an architect who does residential work in Saint Paul and the Summit Hill area, I have had, over the past two decades, the opportunity to work with the HPC on my own projects and on behalf of my clients

My experience over the years has brought me to the conclusion that HPC does a necessary and often unappreciated service for those of us who live and visit here. The objective of the HPC is to maintain Saint Paul’s historic infrastructure and to ensure that new construction fits in with the fabric of the neighborhood. We consider whether a modification or a new construction is of the appropriate scale and proportion for the neighborhood.

Currently I am one of two architects on the Commission. I am still able (and quite willing) to work with clients who have projects in the HPC district. I just have to recuse myself should any of these projects be discussed or voted on at an official HPC meeting.

The HPC was created by a 1976 city ordinance to "protect and promote the heritage of the City of St. Paul.” My aim is to use my extensive knowledge of architecture to serve the needs of my community. So, yes, go ahead and call me commissioner.

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