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About Guy Williams

For nearly 40 years I have helped people create the spaces they’ve envisioned. Mine is a full-service architecture firm. This means I work with you from concept to construction and completion. It also means that my services are available ala carte, so you get just what you need, when you need it.

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New construction kitchen island and stairs

A Lifelong Architect

I was in sixth grade in Nashville. I sat next to a boy who used a ruler, a pencil  and  8 1/2" x 11" paper to draw elevations of houses. I was intrigued. Houses, whole living spaces, were created just by the swipe of lead over paper!

Designs, the manipulation of space, came from the mind, went to the paper and then were built into tangible structures. 

I understood then that people didn't have to adjust to the space, the space could conform to them. Space is pliable, changeable and can be custom to the people using it. 

That day I knew I was going to be an architect; and I was going to design houses.

A Midwest Native, Mostly

This is Minnesota so the first thing most people ask is, “Where are you from?” I was raised mostly in La Crosse, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee. I went to high school in Melbourne, Australia. In 1982 I earned my architecture degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 

I’ve lived in quite a few places. I’ve designed, built and remodeled my own homes (six of them, seven if you count my 2021 ADU). I’ve also traveled the United States and Europe, studying the architecture; how it melds or stands out from the landscape and how it reflects or defies community ideals and standards. Yes, I am a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, but that is a much longer conversation.

Decades of Experience Helping Homeowners

My goal is to first sincerely understand the way you live and how you want your space to work. I want to provide you with all of the information you need to make the choices that bring you to your ultimate goal. I am your guide, advocate and resident expert. My duty is to serve your home design needs.

How My Process Works

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Email, text or call me to discuss your project: 651-210-7042.

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Together we can ascertain your needs and set up a visit, bundle or get to work.

Amazing Value

Bundles are set up and done typically within two weeks. As a solo-practitioner I have a very prompt response time and the flexible working schedule that big firms just can’t offer.

Choose Long-Lasting Quality
Consult With An Experienced  Architect

Before you sign up with any contractor ensure your best interests are being taken into account. I am working for you and not the bottom line.