There’s More Than One Type Of ADU

I’ve been talking about ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, for a couple of years now. I could not be more excited about these extra living and work spaces.

Now that Minneapolis and Saint Paul both allow for these additions, more and more people are finding these a viable solution to their space problems.

The 6 types of ADUs

When ADUs came back into vogue a year or so ago, most people equated it with the “Fonzi apartment”- an extra living unit above the garage. This is one type of ADU.

The other types are:

  1. A she-shed or writing cottage detached and behind the house
  2. An attic apartment with a separate entrance
  3. A separate basement living space with its own entrance
  4. An addition to the home that is a separate living space
  5. An attached or detached garage made into a home

What makes an ADU an ADU instead of simply an “addition” is that and ADU is a complete living space and has its own entrance.

Why an ADU might be a good investment

There are many reasons you might want to build an ADU. You may have an aging parent who needs daily check-ins. According to a 2018 AARP survey, nearly 70% of adults would prefer to live near their family if they could have a separate space and entrance. Your college-age child may want to move back “home” for the summer, or after graduation. Or, you may need space for family or friends when they come to visit. Some more entrepreneurial types are renting space out to Airbnb or VRBO clients.

As we live better and longer, ADUs will become more commonplace. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a fervent proponent of ADUs. Check out their full-color 20-page online guide, The ABCs of ADUs.

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