Four Signs You Need A New Garage

1. You don’t park your car in it.

You haven’t since you put boxes and bikes in there when you moved in. And scraping ice and snow off your windshield is getting old. A bigger well designed garage would allow you to park your cars and have extra storage space.

2. The garage door won’t open because the structure has settled.

Slowly over time things can settle mostly because garages aren’t built like houses. They don’t typically have frost footings and this can lead to heaving of the slab during the freeze/thaw season. This can lead to cracking and settling which can make doors and windows hard to operate.

3. You can’t find things and you think they’re in the garage somewhere.

A new garage would give you the extra space you need to store things. Whether it’s an accessible space above or a larger footprint, having a place for things makes life simpler.

Green Roof Garage/Office

4. You need extra “me” space.

An office, a writer’s retreat, a yoga studio, a woodworking shop, or bike fixing space. There are a lot of things a well insulated and heated space above the garage could be used for.

5.  Eyesore

If you have the worst garage on the block where the paint is peeling from warped wood, it’s listing and you’re hoping for a tree to land on it. Then it’s time to design a new, useable space. Something that’s not mistaken for a tool shed that isn’t a hazard or blight.

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