A Lifelong Architect

I was in sixth grade in Nashville. I sat next to a boy who used a ruler, a pencil  and  8 1/2" x 11" paper to draw elevations of houses. I was intrigued. Houses, whole living spaces, were created just by the swipe of lead over paper. Designs, the manipulation of space, came from the mind went to the paper and then were built into tangible structures. I understood then that people didn't have to adjust to the space, the space could conform to them. It was pliable, changeable, custom 

I knew that day I was going to be an architect. And I was going to design houses.


Pursuing Architecture

Raised mostly in La Crosse, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee I attended high school in Melbourne, Australia. In 1982 I attained my  architecture degree from the University of Minnesota. My goal is to first sincerely understand people, what you want and like or need in a home. Then working together we create a structure that "just feels right." 

Opening My Own Practice

When I opened my own practice in 1990 I worked for high-end developers and designed:

  • West Arm Townhomes
  • A cabin on Big Island, Lake Minnetonka
  • A single family home on the shores of Lake Minnetonka
  • The Wilds in Prior Lake
  • Waterford Townhomes
  • The Townhouses of Normandale Lake
  • Dewey Hill condominiums in Edina
  • The preliminary design of the Normandale Lake Tower in Bloomington

These are some examples of condominiums, twin homes and single family homes I created for developer David Carlson. With Bruce Bren I designed several single family homes including a rambler remodel in Wayzata and a tear down- new construction on Lake Johanna.

I have been a registered architect for 30 years. While many of my clients prefer clean contemporary designs I  also create home plans in soft contemporary, traditional and prairie style. But truly any architect should be able to design any style a client wants. Similar to  professional and experienced hairdresser: you bring in a picture of what you want and the stylist does that for you. 

A Free, One Hour Consultation

 If you want to work one-on-one with a seasoned St Paul residential architect but don't want the big firm overhead, contact me. I offer a free one hour consultation in my conveniently located St Paul home office. Call 651-210-7042 or fill out the contact page and I will be in touch with you. 

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