Garage/Office - 1385 Portland Ave. St. Paul,MN

For many people a garage is an afterthought. Simply a structure to park your cars and store tools and equipment. But a properly designed garage adds value, not only to the property, but to your daily life.

A Neighborhood Of Garages

It all started when I built a garage for the  home I designed and built at 1384 Ashland Avenue in Saint Paul. The home is featured in Larry Millet's AIA Guide to the Twin Cities (page 554).  The garage was designed to save a beautiful white pine tree. The garage style matched the house as did the materials. I went on to create the architecturally significant garage at 1385 Portland Avenue with an office/ studio above it and at 1389 Portland. My neighbor who owns a comic book store wanted a garage with storage so I worked with my neighbor to design the garage at 44 North Albert Street. Next, I designed the garage next to that at 1392 Portland Avenue and then, the garage next to that.

The $1000 Garage

A garage can be more than a place to put things. It can be an extension of your living space: with an open or screened porch or workspace, yoga studio or detached writing studio, artist space or office. It is a space to get away without ever stepping off the property. The most important factor is the design.

What the Fee Covers

The $1000 garage cost covers all design services:

  • Initial and design meeting*
  • Architect designed garage
  • Dimensioned plans to scale
  • Elevations and a building section

While theses drawings may appear simple, they include years of experience and hours of thought. You will get the design you want and then can move forward in the way that best suits your timeline and budget. Many people choose to use a local contractor to complete the working or construction documents.

Call Today For A Free Consult

Not sure if a new garage is in your budget? Call or email and set up a free 1 hour consultation in my Saint Paul home office. We can discuss what your plan involves: a teardown or brand new construction, budget and materials. To find out more call 651-210-7042 or contact me here.

* The $1000 garage fee includes two meetings of up to two hours each. Additional meetings are billed hourly.