Designing Your New Dream Home


Northrup Lane Minneapolis

There’s nothing more exciting than a blank slate. When you start with a pristine site- whether that be a city lot, lakeshore plot or an acre of meadow, you have endless possibilities.

How A Home Architect Sees Space

You have a vision. Working with the site, my skills and experience and the site we can create the perfect space for your life. I can ensure that we make efficient and effective use of the site and space. If, for example the site is next to a tall apartment building one one side and another home on the other in the city, we will design a home that provides plenty of natural sunlight while creating a private space. Good design means you will not even know you have buildings on either side. Likewise, if the site is on a lake, all of the views will take advantage of the lake and ambient light. Every site offers unique opportunities and challenges. An architect will ensure that the design is in sync with the site.

The Importance Of Light

Light is crucial to the success of any home experience. This includes natural and artificial or ambient/ task light. The light can make or break a project. But understanding light and how to use it takes years of experience. Think about the way you use space: do you sit on the couch and read? Then design this space with a big window or sliding door to let in the most natural light. Do you cook in the kitchen? Create task lighting, over your center aisle, above the sink and under the cupboards and over the counters so that you can see what you are doing no matter where you are. When I plan a home light is first and foremost on my mind.

Efficient Use of Space: Flow

I listen to the way you live and then incorporate your lifestyle into the design. There is never wasted space or walkthrough rooms when we plan your home. Instead, every square foot is carefully planned. The way you move through the home is what dictates the plan: do you come in through the back door with muddy boots and a wet dog? Then a mudroom makes sense in the back of the house. Do you entertain in the kitchen? Then plan a center island with stools that allows for guest seating and meal preparation at the same time. Do you want a private space on a small city lot? A rooftop terrace may be just the design solution.

Three Decades Of Home Design

No matter what your site: a teardown in the city, a placid lake lot or a suburban subdivision, an architect can ensure that your home is custom to your family and lifestyle. Want to know more about how my experience and expertise can create your dream home? Call to arrange a free one hour in-office consultation. I can answer your design questions and give you an idea of what your project might cost, how long it might take and how we can work together to make your dream home a reality. Call 651-210-7042 or email me.