The Benefits Of Bundling

What is bundling? Bundling is packaged architectural services.  Bundling allows you to buy only the services you need at a straightforward cost.

The Four Benefits Of Bundling

If you need a new garage, want to remodel or build a new home bundling might be the way to go. I offer a “bundled” package that lets you know:

  1. What your project will most likely cost.
  2. How long each phase will take.
  3. Which permits and surveys the project requires.
  4. How many construction-related documents you will need.

Bundling allows you to see the full picture and make educated decisions before the project gets underway.

Three Types Of Bundling To Meet Your Needs

There are three basic types of services that are most commonly needed. They are garage, remodel and new construction. Over my 30 years in practice I developed three bundling packages.

1. The Garage Bundle

My $1,000 garage is an example of bundling. The service you receive (a garage design) is clearly identified as is the time (1 week) and cost ($1,000).

2. The $250 Remodeling Bundle

When well planned a remodel can be the perfect option. Once you understand the process and cost you are able to decide whether or not to move forward.  For $250 you receive:

  • An on-site assessment of the space and structure
  • A discussion of  your needs, goals and budget for the project
  • Materials and subcontractor recommendations
  • Projected labor costs and timeline
  • An understanding of the project’s challenges and viability
  • Design sketches that are yours to keep.

3. The $750 New Construction Bundle

This includes everything that the remodeling bundle includes. This also involves an in-depth conversation about your vision, concerns and goals. For new construction several variables need to be addressed including:

  • If there is a tear down of an existing structure
  • The potential vistas of the site: valleys, lakes, rivers, fields, forest, etc.
  • Trees that could be or should be saved
  • Existing septic systems
  • Location of neighboring structures
  • Soil conditions and topography
  • Sources of noise, natural and artificial light
  • Other issues

I will photograph an asses the site. You will receive sketches of potential plans that are yours to keep.

Each Site Is Unique

Every site is unique. Unfortunately some builders  use the same plan over and over. They ignore both the challenges and potential of the site. An architect will efficiently use the space and take full advantage of all the site offers.

If you would like to know more about bundling or would like to discuss your project with an established residential architect, call or email me. I offer a free 1 hour consultation in my Saint Paul home office. Call 651-210-7042.